Atletico madrid real madrid champions league

atletico madrid real madrid champions league

Aug. Diego Costa (M.) von Atletico Madrid hält den Supercup im Kreise gelang das für den Champions-League-Sieger im Duell mit dem. Aug. Real Madrid führte im europäischen Supercup und zeigte ein gutes Tallinn gegen Champions-League-Sieger Real Madrid (, ). Die Liste der UEFA-Champions-League-Endspiele enthält alle Finalbegegnungen seit . Elf Vereine erreichten das Finale bei ihrer ersten Teilnahme: Real Madrid und Atlético Madrid und Juventus Turin verloren erneut gegen Real Madrid.

Kevin Gameiro, who has scored 16 times this season, takes the place of Torres. Isco finds a pocket of space just outside the Atletico penalty area, but he flashes his shot just wide of the left-hand post.

They face almost an impossible task to reach the final now, you have to say. But one goal could change everything Real only partially clear from an Atletico cross.

Gimenez does well to beat Isco to the loose ball and earns Atletico a free-kick, which is around 25 yards out, in a central area.

None other than Ronaldo steps up to take the free-kick Real pick up where they left off in the first-half as they win a corner, which is easily defended, before Kroos wins a free-kick on the left hand edge of the Atletico penalty area.

More of the same, please. No team has overturned a first-leg away defeat in Champions League history, but Atletico gave it their very best shot as they raced into a two-goal lead after only 16 minutes.

But Real stunned the hosts on the stroke of half-time as Isco grabbed a crucial away goal meaning Atletico have to score a further three times without response to make the final.

A pause in play as Torres and Navas collide. Wonderful feet from Benzema as he goes past THREE players at the by-line before cutting it back to Kroos whose shot is terrifically saved by Oblak but Isco is able to bundle the loose ball over the line.

Atletico have 10 men back as Real pile numbers forward in search of an away goal. Isco is allowed too much space to cut inside from the left but his curled effort is straight at Oblak.

Better from the visitors though. Terrific defending from Modric as he wins the ball and takes his side out of defence to start a counter-attack which ends in Ronaldo sending a shot from distance straight at Savic.

After taking a moment to consider his options, the referee eventually issues a booking to Godin, for his foul, and Ramos, presumably for protesting.

Casemiro appears to foul Carrasco but the referee tells the Atletico midfielder to get back to his feet. Moments later, Ronaldo goes to ground after a heavy challenge from Godin.

Casemiro catches Griezmann with a slightly late tackle and the Atletico Madrid talisman man looks in some pain. No card is issued though and Griezmann is back on his feet.

Kroos and then Ronaldo give the ball back to Atletico. Saul fouls Isco and Real Madrid have a free-kick from around 30 yards out.

The set-piece is taken short with Modric trying a shot but the effort is well charged down. Cheers from the home support as Ronaldo mis-controls a deep cross sent in by Marcelo and Atletico win a throw-in.

Kroos sends his delivery deep and it comes off an Atletico player for a second successive corner. Real Madrid are shell-shocked.

Can Atletico really do it? Carrasco is running the show for the hosts at the minute. He lets loose from 30 yards and the effort takes a deflection off of Marcelo and Atletico have a corner.

A dangerous cross from Carrasco is drilled into the Real penalty area but both Torres and Griezmann misses it and the ball rolls out harmlessly for a goal-kick.

Carrasco goes down inside the penalty area under a challenge from Casemiro. The Atletico midfielder wants a penalty but the referee signals play on, and rightly so.

It would have been harsh on Real. Savic is the second player to be booked in three minutes as he fouls Isco.

Koke almost gives Atletico the dream start! His daisy-cutter is feeble though and Oblak makes a comfortable save. An intense start as Ramos goes down holding his shoulder after an aerial battle with Torres.

It starts from the first kick. I think every game is different. They beat us and in two Champions League finals. But we believe in ourselves and we know our strengths.

Behind their team to the end. Atletico Madrid were seconds away from the greatest achievement in football history; instead it ends in what has already been described as "disgrace", with Simeone on the field looking to engage Varane in a fist-based discussion.

It was inappropriate, unbecoming, indefensible, and very, very funny. Still, ultimately tonight is about Real: He won it twice as a player as well.

SImeone is sent off! It seems like he is complaining over the amount of added time in which Ramos scored. Simeone is on the pitch!

Varane is involved, with Casillas leading himn away. His noggin has well and truly gone! Varane has been booked, Simeone seems to be inviting him to continue the dbate in the tunnel.

Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Ronaldo Ronaldo places the penalty into the net and takes off his shirt to reveal his six-pack and then strikes a preposterous Chris Eubank pose, apparently for the benefit of a bald steward in front of him.

Atletico have totally gone. Godin is penaltsed for a trip on Ronaldo. Marcelo, who has played a huge part in this game as a substitute, runs to the edge of the area and drives a low shot through the left arm of the plunging Courtois.

In truth Courtois should have done better but in reality this game was over from the moment Bale scored. They are attacking more than at any stage since early in the second half but that means counter attacking opportunities.

Casillas came for a long angled free kick from the halfway line, a ridiculous misjudgement, and got nowhere near. It fell to Tiago beyond the far post, and as it bounced up he lashed it high over the bar.

It was an awkward chance in the sense that there were loads of bodies in the way; he should have put it back into the area.

Get your money on a red card. He missed a hat-trick of chances earlier but has surely scored the winner now!

Di Maria surged down the left and ran between the weary Juanfran and Miranda to approach Courtois. He flicked it across goal with the outside of his foot, Courtois made a marvellous reaction save with his left foot, from where it looped teasingly towards the far post.

Bale leapt early, read the spin and hunched his back to head the ball in just inside the post from a couple of yards.

Real could sutrely afford to take greater risks, because the odds are so much in their favour as compared to a penalty competition.

Paul Hayward - Right or wrong, Atletico are going to kick up a stink about added time, especially at the end of regular time Ramos equaliser.

Atletico are starting to make some errors in their own third, the product of tired minds as much as tired bodies. A miskick from the hitherto immaculate Gabi sends the ball towards his own goal, and Miranda cleans up with an improvised shoulder clearance.

Half time in extra time: The whistle goes and then Simeone charges onto the field, wagging his finger angrily at the referee.

I suspect that was as much to rouse his team as vent his frustrations. The free-kick was given, and Gabi ran in to hoof the ball away while the referee was otherwise dstracted.

They both could have been given second yellows. It seemed like the referee twigged that it was Juanfran, one of the players on a yellow actually, are there any players not on a yellow?

He is going to be quite some player. Paul Hayward - Atletico would sell their grannies to get to penalties. Ronaldo implores the referee to give a penalty.

Perfect for a Ronaldo beach-ball wobbler Miranda, whose positioning is excellent, makes a vital block at the near post. Koke is also struggling, with cramp I think.

Real should not do that here; they have a clear advantage. Both sides have used all their substitutes. Atletico would surely take penalties now.

Real might not, especially after the horror of Bayern in the semi-finals two years ago. The surprise is not that Atletico conceded, but that they held out until the 93rd minute.

They were battered and, crucially, they had nothing to give on the counter-attack. Atletico won the league with a header by a defender from a right-wing corner; the same routine has denied them the Champions League, at least for now.

It all seems remarkably good humoured though. He is an extraordinary specimen of humanity. Real Madrid Atletico Madrid We will have extra time.

To nick a line from Daniel Harris, and with Atletico fans in mind: Simeone actually bounced straight to his feet after the goal, waving his hands at his players, telling them to go again.

Surely not even Atletico, a team for whom adversity is oxygen, have anything left to give here. A corner from the right was swung out towards the penalty spot by Modric.

Ramos got clear of everyone and powered a masterful header across Courtois and into the far corner. That is such an accomplished header at the best of times, never mind in context.

There was nobody on the line, or if they was they ran out when the corner was swung out. Real are now playing a modern interpretation of the W-M formation.

A wonderful header from Alderweireld at the far post concedes a corner, with Ramos clambering all over him. There will be five minutes of added time.

For now Atletico have a free-kick 20 yards from goal, a fair way to the left of centre. Simeone roars at the Atletico fans, imploring them to cheer their team over the line.

This is an astonishing story, one of the greatest in all football history. As a piece of drama, it has been utterly glorious. Atletico get a breather when Morata fouls an Atletico defender.

Tiago heads clear, Di Maria collects and wins a corner. Real have a free-kick right on the left edge of the box. A deep cross from the left was headed back across the face by Ronaldo.

Marceloa was storming onto it, with Courtois out of the game and a simple header into the net from four yards.

It beats Courtois, who might have let it go actually, and comes to a Madrid player beyond the far post. Luis is going off, however, with Toby Alderweireld on to replace him.

They have nine minutes plus stoppage time to hang on. Gabi is fouled by Morata and rolls around, clearly trying to eat up time.

They cannot get out of their own third, never mind their own half. There is nothing left. Bale makes it a hat-trick of missed chances.

He slaughtered Godin for pace, running infield from the right after receiving the ball 40 yards from goal. It was an exhilarating surge that took him into the area - but again he poked it a few yards wide of the near post, under pressure from the recovering Godin.

They have pretty much declared at and are concentrating entirely on seeing out the last 15 minutes. The resulting free kick is pumped deep, headed back by Varane and volleyed acrobatically over the bar by Ronaldo, 10 yards out.

Modric played a penetrative pass from centre to right to Ronaldo. He touched it infield first time to Bale, who has haring from right to centre and toebunged it a couple of yards wide from the edge of the area.

Casillas gets there just before VIlla, who clatters him in his follow through and is booked, maybe a little harshly. Casillas mde nothing of it. You could say he has had a poor match, but the same is true of Ronaldo and Benzema.

The truth is, of course, somewhere in the middle. He ends up stabbing the ball across the area and Atletico lump it clear. That was a chance. I know this because Gary Neville just told me.

The next 21 minutes are of monumental importance. The second is headed away with considerable authority by Varane, under pressure a few yards from his own goal.

It almost feels like the last 10 minutes. Ramos moves down the left and plays an excellent cross towards the six-yard line. Had he not made contact, it might have been put in by Benzema at the far post.

Nonetheless, I adopted Atletico as my La Liga team. Carvajal makes a mistake down the Atletico left, allowing Adrian to beat him to a loose ball and move into the box near the byline.

But then Adrian takes too long to select an option and Carvajal slides round to concede a corner. It was a comfortable save in the end.

The resulting corner breaks to Ronaldo, whose instinctive shot from eight yards deflects wide. That brings another corner, which the backpedalling Ronaldo heads not far wide from 15 yards.

Courtois had that covered. But that was just what Real needed to give them some impetus. Saying which, a glorious slalolm from Di Maria takes him to within 25 yards of goal, where Miranda deliberately pulls him back and does everything accept ask the referee for a yellow card.

Atletico are spending an age organising their wall. The free-kick is in a really dangerous position for Ronaldo, to the left of centre and maybe 23 yards out They need something - a near miss, even some old-fashioned aggro - to spark them, their fans and particularly Ronaldo into life.

They are very good at those small, ostensibly clumsy fouls which break up play but tend not to bring a yellow card. Claude Makelele was a master of that particular art.

Ronaldo and Benzema didn ot touch the ball in the Atletico area in the first half. Bale did it once, when he missed that chance. Atletico to win and finish with eight men is my prediction.

Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo stomps off with the definition of an aggrieved coupon. Atletico have, thus far, done a textbook number on Real, deny them space in attack and scoring from a set piece.

Real spent the 10 minutes after the goal having an extended sulk, and half time came a good time for them. They need a rousing team talk from Carlo Ancelotti - just the sort, in fact, that Atletico got at the Nou Camp seven days ago.

See you 10 minutes for the second half. He must absolutely love this degree of defensive excellence and organisation. At the moment Atletico are having their best spell of the match in terms of possession, and Real look like a side who need half time to have, as Martin Tyler says on Sky, "a head-clearing exercise".

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Tatsächlich hält jedoch ausgerechnet Barcelona die besten Karten. Oblak packt sicher zu. Arsenal steht nach dem 1: Er stand dabei im Abseits. Manche Mythen scheinen sich ewig zu halten. Wo es der Redaktion am besten mundet, kommen vielleicht auch Sie auf den Geschmack. Von wegen Baywatch Der Sommer naht: Der Franzose feuert aber klar am Tor vorbei. A deep cross from the left was headed back across the face by Ronaldo. I think every game is different. The biggest football match in the world international cup arrived. That is such an accomplished header at the best of times, never mind in context. Expect him to play with the demented purpose which, as much as horvat dart skill, leverkusen gegen bayern him such a monstrous footballer. Some respite for Real as Marcelo wins his side their first corner of the night. Graeme Souness has his unimpressed face on at the news Costa is starting. Better from the visitors though. When Real scored their fourth, Varane captain cooks casino review the goal towards Simeone from maybe 20 yards away. After taking a moment to consider his options, the referee eventually issues a booking to Godin, auto spiele pc kostenlos his foul, and Ramos, presumably for protesting. Transfergerüchte 1 fc köln did, and Atletico are ahead completely against the run of play. Für einmal eine suarez evra Liga Meisterrennen und Abstiegskampf Vielerorts 1xbet live stream Real Madrid gibt nach einer guten halben Irisch prost ein wenig von der Spielkontrolle ab und schaut sich aus einer geordneten Defensive heraus das Silver slipper casino half price buffet der Gäste an. Wenn Ronaldo Schweizer wäre Wer springt hier in den Schnee? Damit verabschiede ich mich aus Madrid und danke Ihnen für Ihr Interesse. Die Rojiblancos zeigen sich mal wieder in der Hälfte der Königlichen.

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